Appreciation of High Luxury Private Customized Products
Every pair of gloves has a different story.
Every needle and thread reveals our rigorous attitude towards craftsmanship.

The almost lost pure manual stitch sewing process was adopted;A truly ingenious old man around the world who can complete the process in its entiretyNo more than 30 people, founder Mr. Xi to reproduce this craft this tiltNote a lot of energy and hard work; In today's machine sewing technologyIn the advanced years, how many people can still quietly pursue the first lineOur tireless efforts and pursuit of handmade craft are for To
present you with a pair of high quality gloves with artistic feelings, a pair of valuesYour art gloves.

Mr Gloves, brand founder, focus on high-end hands.For nearly 20 years, the industry has integrated and absorbed Italy and France.Countries, Japan, Germany, Hungary, and other traditional glove producing countriesProcess essence, select all kinds of high-end production leather on a global scaleMaterial, make each pair of gloves in a refined attitude. gloves firstThe brand is currently a recommended brand focusing on high-end gloves in China.Not one. We're determined to pass on the high end of the world.Making art, dedicated to becoming a well-known brand of artful gloves.
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A purely manual process Full use of Italian imports of high-end raw leather
The value of the product is not in the price, but in the real experience that can be brought to consumers

When luxury has become a perfunctory termWords, we rethink what kind of product to useTo impress the picky you. To return to ingenuity,Admirer of art, one needle and one thread to break every one.Details, the art of creating fingertips with one heart and one heartSurgery, from material selection, plate making, sewing, whole, packageEvery part of the installation makes a breakthrough and challenges the line.The new height of the industry, the new definition of the brand.
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Not every man owns a locomotive.But every man has his own locomotive dream.And a pair of locomotive gloves may make your dream come true
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Cut the complex ornaments, leaving behind a simple art, allowing light to interweave with the skin, forming hormonal warmth
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This is an ancient and long-standing handicraft industry. The inheritance of the millennium has revitalized it in the new era.Mr. Glove explained the beauty of fingertip art in different ways.